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Visa Application Information

This page lists the requirements for the various visa applications.

General Requirements

  • Duly completed application form and confirmation of online payment slip
  • Two passport photographs of applicant
  • Flight reservation
  • Vaccination book
  • Seamen are to submit a photocopy of their seaman’s book

Visitor/Tourist Visa

  • Invitation letter from the inviting party in nigeria (applicants of nigerian origin may address a letter of introduction to the ambassador in place of an invitation letter)
  • A photocopy of the data page of nigerian passport of inviting party
  • Hotel reservation and detailed description of your activities during your proposed visit to nigeria
  • Evidence of sufficient income: recent salary slip/bank statement
  • Applicants travelling with children of 0-16 years will present copies of their birth certificates and consent letter from either the father or the mother as the case may be

Transit Visa

  • Confirmed ticket and visa to final destination

Diplomatic Visa

  • Valid diplomatic passport
  • Passport photos
  • Online visa application form (visa application)
  • Obtain an application id and reference number (without making any payment)

Business (Journalist, Religious, Educational) Visa

  • Letter of invitation from company/institution/religious group in Nigeria and their certificate of incorporation, where applicable
  • Letter of guarantee from applicants company
  • Please note that all applications from journalists require an approval from the federal ministry of information, abuja
  • Evidence of travel history visa (for multiple entry visa request)

TWP Visa

  • Letter of invitation from company in Nigeria and their certificate of incorporation
  • Letter of guarantee from applicants company
  • Approval cable from nigeria immigration service, abuja and addressed to the embassy of Nigeria, the Hague

STR Visa

  • Letter of invitation from company in nigeria and their certificate of incorporation
  • Offer and acceptance of offer of employment
  • Relevant expatriate quota position or free zone certificate
  • Relevant certificates/diplomas in languages other than english must be translated to english and endorsed by the relevant authorities of the country where they were issued. For example, dutch documents can only be endorsed by the ministry of foreign affairs of the netherlands
  • Four passport photographs
  • Applicants accompanying spouse must submit their marriage certificate
  • Children accompanying parent/parents must submit copies of their birth certificate
  • All documents must be in four copies including the application form and online payment slip
  • Every marriage certificate for spouse joining their partners in nigeria must be legalised at the netherlands ministry of foreign affairs (if marriage is conducted in the netherlands)
  • If marriage document is issued outside the netherlands, it should be legalised by the appropriate authorities/embassy of the issuing country

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